In the Cards: The Lovers’ dance

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Lars Roubidoux/Inland 360

The Lovers


May 21-June 21

In the Cards: The Lovers’ dance
Jacey Johnson

Gemini is the sign of duality and difficult choices.

The lovers signify a force that binds two entities together to create a wholeness, whether it is a relationship, an event, a personal decision or ideas.

When this card is pulled in a reading, it’s asking you to have open communication with yourself and to examine your motives and values while contemplating which path to take.

On the upside, this card can represent unification, choices, harmony and relationships; but if reversed, it could represent separation or imbalance.

Common symbols of the Lovers tarot are illustrated in this drawing by Inland 360 graphic artist Lars Roubidoux: We see a ballet pose in which the man and woman represent the active and passive yearning toward each other, with hearts representing love and emotion.

After reading this ask yourself: What is love, and what are its effects on people?

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