Big tips for the Big Game: How to prepare for the ultimate Seahawk Super Bowl party

click to enlarge Seahawks Skittles are a popular Northwest treat as the Super Bowl approaches.
Seahawks Skittles are a popular Northwest treat as the Super Bowl approaches.


Some have waited a lifetime for this Sunday, the day the Seahawks end a great season with a possible Super Bowl win. You can’t control the outcome of the game, but you have some say over the party here at home. Here are some tips for the Ultimate Seahawks Super Bowl Party:

1. Set up a true fan area.

Because the game is important to a number of people this year — you know who you are — everyone might be better off letting those individuals focus on the game. By setting up a separate party area for the people who are just there for friends, food and commercials, you’re doing your part to avoid unnecessary upset. (The rest is up to the Seahawks.)

2. Provide hearty, host-free snacks.

It’s not a Super Bowl party without food, but no one wants to mess with making, serving or eating it all. Pre-prepped finger foods are easy to manage and let guests serve themselves when they’re hungry. That said, man cannot live by chips and dip alone; make sure you’ve got some meat options. (And no. None of the local butchers are carrying horse meat. Find something else to signify your opposition to a Bronco win.)

3. Everything should be blue and green.

Or at least some of it. Use blue and green streamers and balloons to decorate if you don’t have any official Seahawks gear. If you’re one of the lame fans who doesn’t have a jersey or other Hawks-wear, at least put on the team colors. A little face paint and hair color won’t hurt either.

4. Yeah, even the food.

Sure, there are only a few foods that are naturally blue and green — like grapes and blueberries, blue tortilla chips and guacamole — but blue and green food coloring can pick up where nature left off. Blue cake and green frosting, blue and green candies, and blue and green beverages can all make an appearance at the party. Google “Seahawk Jello Shots” or “Beast Mode Vodka” for blue and green alcoholic drinks.

5. Turn on a movie for the kids.

If your party is a family event, turn on a kids movie in a separate room so that all your guests stay happy — and away from potential calamity, should little ones find the TV remote or come between you and the TV screen.

6. There should be Skittles.

It goes without saying. But buy them up quick; chances are everyone else in the Northwest is doing the same.

7. Turn off your ringer and login to Facebook.

If you want to make your party a little bigger but don’t have room, keep on your news feed: fellow fans (and not-so-fans) are also hanging out online and together you can celebrate the TDs, complain about calls, cheer on players and razz friends who are mistakenly rooting for the wrong team.

8. Provide little games for the Big Game.

If your guests might enjoy a little competition of their own, google “Seahawks TV Bingo” and “Printable Super Bowl Prop Betting Sheet” for cards you can print out. Have some spare change on hand for those who want to get in on the fun.

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