Cheryl Flory of Lewiston is week two winner in our Finish the Holiday Letter contest for her winning entry about Kannon.

Week 1 winner: Cheryl Root of Troy

Week 2 winner: Cheryl Flory of Lewiston

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Holiday greetings from the Sheldons!

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone, and here we are sending our annual holiday family letter to you again.

This year can be described with one word: busy! The five of us (or eight, if you count all our fur babies) have so much to share. If you haven’t been following us on Instagram, YouTube or Snapchat, you are definitely missing out on some wild adventures.

I’ll start with our biggest news, the birth of the newest member of our family, Klashton (the “l” is silent). Klashton is nearly a year old and is already walking and choosing his own clothes, and I have to say, he has great taste! He has memorized 27 baby sign language signs, and we are really enjoying his sense of humor and requests for more complicated bedtime literature. Last night he asked for “The Canterbury Tales” by Chaucer!

Not to be outdone, Kyleeh, age 5, appears to be on a fast track toward the legal profession.  She gives bedtime stories a thorough analysis, followed with a written brief. Don’t even get me started on her legal case on behalf of the “Three Little Pigs.”  And now, having read “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” Kyleeh is working on an advocacy statement on behalf of the family for roof and chimney damage. 

Kannon turned 15 this year, started driving and spent the year testing his newfound independence (and our parenting skills!). If you saw my frantic series of viral posts when he went missing for two weeks last spring, rest assured it all turned out for the best. We were astonished to see Kannon on YouTube handing former President Jimmy Carter nails as they worked on building a house for Habitat for Humanity. How proud we were when Carter thanked Kannon for being such a great role model for young people and complimented his parents for raising such a wonderful son. Even though Kannon put 5,060 miles on the car driving to Plains, Ga., how could we be upset?  Kannon is invited to stay at the Carter’s home next spring!

Before I get into what dear hubby and I have been doing, I’m sure you’re dying to hear the latest about our fur kids, Noodles, Frisky Business and Silent Bomber who now have 2 million followers on Instagram! Their popularity spiked when ...

What happens next? You tell us.

For those who remember it, and those who don’t, we’re bringing the holiday letter back this year in a contest.

Each week, we’ll provide a prompt. People can send in up to four sentences in response. We’ll select the best entry each week and publish it as part of the letter, along with a new prompt.

Weekly winners receive two movie tickets. The final letter will run Dec. 26.

Finish the Holiday Letter Rules

  1. Entries must be no longer than four sentences each week (no run-on sentences). Only one entry per person, per week.

  2. Entries for Thursday’s edition are due by midnight Sunday each week.

  3. Email entries to, include your name and mailing address, including city.

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