Cowboy up: Get rodeo ready with this quiz on terms

Pull out the cowboy boots and dust off your hat, it’s roundup time.

In anticipation of the 85th Lewiston Roundup, see if you know the definitions to these common rodeo terms. Answers are below.

  1. Roughstock
    a) Especially unruly cowboys.
    b) Stock animals that have rough or coarse hair rather than smooth hair.
    c) The horses and bulls used in bareback riding, saddle bronc riding and bull riding. 

  2. Hung up
    a) A dangerous situation where a bull rider or bareback rider cannot remove his hand from the rope or handle before he’s thrown or dismounts.
    b) A dangerous situation where a majority of cowboys at an event are fixated on a negative situation from the past.
    c) A dangerous situation where a rope tangles in a way that prevents the cowboy from exiting the gate with the animal he or she is riding. 

  3. Pickup men
    a) Cowboys that drive pickup trucks as opposed to sports cars.
    b) Mounted cowboys who help riders dismount, release a bucking horse’s flank strap and escort bucking horses and bulls to the exit gate after a ride.
    c) Cowboys that try to get dates by using clever conversation openers. 

  4. Reride
    a) A second chance ride offered by judges to a cowboy whose score is affected by equipment failure or a horse or bull that doesn’t buck well.
    b) A second chance ride offered by judges to a cowboy who scored the worst out of everyone.
    c) A second chance ride offered by judges to a cowboy whose parents called and complained, requesting that he or she get another chance. 

  5. Rank
    a) A derogatory term that refers to especially foul-smelling roughstock.
    b) A term of praise and respect used to describe especially challenging roughstock.
    c) A term that roughstock use among themselves to refer to especially attractive roughstock. 

  6. Cowboy nod
    a) A positive response given to a question asked of them, so they don’t have to waste any words.
    b) A cue that they are tired out and need a break.
    c) An indication, in roughstock events, that they are ready for the gateman to open the gate so the ride can begin or, in timed events, when they are ready for the calf or steer to be released. 

  7. Flags
    a) Used to call penalties like false starts, personal fouls or a pass interference.
    b) Waved by the cowboy flag team which performs a synchronized routine at halftime.
    c) Dropped by judges in the arena to signal the timers to stop the clocks. 

  8. Slack
    a) A laid-back rodeo competition where rules aren’t followed precisely and events aren’t carefully timed.
    b) A highly unmotivated or lazy cowboy.
    c) A scheduled preliminary competition for extra rodeo entries, often held before the rodeo opens to the public. 

  9. Ropes
    a) A collection of basic skills a cowboy must learn in order to be considered a real cowboy.
    b) The strong, yet flexible braided material used in rodeo events and stock handling.
    c) A common nickname for a cowboy with dreadlocks. 

  10. Hazer
    a) A cowboy who rides on the right side of the steer from the contestant to make sure the steer runs straight.
    b) A cowboy who imposes a strenuous or humiliating task upon a steer who is seeking membership in a fraternity.
    b) A cowboy who smokes a lot while riding next to a steer.

Answers: 1. c), 2. a), 3. b), 4. a), 5. b), 6. c), 7. c), 8. c), 9. b), 10. a)


WHAT: 85th annual Lewiston Roundup

WHEN: 6:59 p.m. Today, Friday and Saturday

WHERE: Lewiston Roundup Grounds, 2100 Tammany Creek Road, Lewiston

COST: $7 to $23 per person; advance tickets or Little Red Barn at North 40 in Lewiston.

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