This is a past event.

Maple Syruping in North Idaho and Beyond

Have you ever walked by the maple syrup in the grocery store aisle and wondered “how do they get that stuff out of the tree anyway?” Have you ever wondered what the difference between “maple” syrup and “table” syrup and “breakfast” syrup is? Why is the maple stuff so expensive? Why can’t you make oak syrup? All these questions and more will be answered at February’s program: Maple Syruping in North Idaho and Beyond. With Hells Gate ranger alumnus Gretta Hodapp, learn the biology behind why maple trees produce sweet sap in the springtime. Learn how to properly tap a maple tree and collect it’s sap without hurting the tree. We will also cover maple tree identification, and the regional timing of premium sap flow. We will demonstrate how to make your own maple tapping and boil down set-up from household supplies. And talk about the importance of native and non-native maple trees in our local ecosystems. We will even get to boil down and sample some Hells Gate maple sap! At noon Feb. 19, shelter 6. Admission is $7 for Idaho residents/$14 for non-residents OR free with your Idaho State Parks Passport or Annual Pass.