What's rad right now? Ruthie Pizzle will tell you.

Here’s an embarrassing fact: I’m a 31-year-old who is up on every single trend hitting the world. I also exaggerate -- so maybe not the world, maybe just the U.S. and maybe not every trend, but lots. Do I follow through with all the trends? Heck no. That requires time and work and much more effort than I’m willing to put in. But I do keep up with them, I know what’s cool, I know what ‘the kids’ are into and what you should know if you wanna be cool, too.

Here’s the current rad list and where some of these items can be found should you want to join the cool club.

Patches - that’s right, patches. Like what you might earn if you complete a Boy Scouts challenge. Except artsy and cool. Specifically patches that can be affixed to a denim jacket (extra points if it’s a denim vest). Patches can be found at the Storm Cellar in Moscow. For Christmas I put one in my husband’s stocking. It’s a goldfish in a fishbowl and it says, “Don’t Hassle Me, I’m Local.” Those who have seen “What About Bob?” are laughing right now.

Enamel Pins - Where would you put an enamel pin? On a bag, a jacket or a sweater. I keep mine in a drawer and never use them. But since they’re cool, I buy them. (I told you already that I’m embarrassing.) Many illustrators and artists make pins (check out @gingiber and @kristinamicotti on Instagram), and many online stores sell fun and quirky ones, too (try www.shopbando.com).

Moto leggings - Okay, so these might be falling to the bottom of the cool list this year but they’re currently still trendy, so I’m including them.  So what makes leggings moto? A patch of pleats near the knee/thigh. They’re dressier  than plain leggings, but in an edgy way, and I’ve definitely gotten away with wearing them to work.

Felt Letter Boards - Instagram fans have seen these. They’re like restaurant reader boards for your home. Oh, that doesn’t sound cute? They are, I promise. They can be used to display a favorite quote or funny movie line, announce someone’s birthday or leave a message for kids, visitors or a spouse. The one in my home currently says, “Being mean isn’t cool.” They are an Instagram ‘thing’ right now and can be purchased on Amazon, Etsy and other online shops.

(photo by Lindsey Pentzer of Lewiston)

Naked Cakes - If you’re thinking this might mean cakes that would be served at bachelorette parties, think again. A naked cake is a cake made of several layers with frosting/filling between each layer and on top, but no frosting on the outer edges -- the outside is, as the name implies, naked. Lindsey Pentzer, of Lewiston, made a naked cake for her daughter’s first birthday because Pentzer Is nothing if not rad. Google “how to make a naked cake” if you want to wow your friends, or order one from a local bakery like As You Like it Cakes in Lewiston. Next up: are boyfriend jeans still ‘in’? Can I use just a normal daily planner and still be rad? All this and more in the next edition of Rad List with Ruthie Pizzle.

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