A Nancy-ful occasion: Gathering of Nancys to take place in Moscow

If your name is Nancy, there’s an event just for you this weekend in Moscow.

Sunday marks the first-ever gathering on the Palouse for all who are named Nancy. Because the unprecedented informal gathering may prompt both curiosity and inquiry, we have provided these brief FAQ’s on the event:

What will happen at this gathering of Nancys?

The Nancys who gather will simply meet each other and enjoy each others’ company. Individuals might choose to share how they got their name, any nicknames -- desirable or not -- they might have had as a Nancy and other points of interest found in common. No food or drink will be served. 

I have a name other than Nancy. May I still come?

Yes. You do not need to be a Nancy in order to attend the gathering, but it may be preferable if you at least enjoy people named Nancy. 

Are Nancys that live someplace other than the Palouse invited to attend?

Yes. Nancys around the region, and beyond, are invited to attend this gathering.

Is this really happening?

Yes. Three years ago, a group of friends who are all named Nancy realized they shared the same name and laughed about the idea of gathering fellow Nancys. They had so much fun talking about it over the years that they decided to do it, said Nancy Lyle of Moscow.


The better question is, “why not?” A group of Nancys is bound to have a good time and besides, it can’t hurt to celebrate a good name.

Will there be dues and regular club meetings?

No. The Nancys that gather will not participate in the exchange of either finances or social expectations. It is strictly fun in nature. 

Will the collective Nancys be running for political office or starting their own political party?

No. Each individual Nancy will be solely responsible for pursuing their personal aspirations, political or otherwise.

Will the Nancys be joining efforts to establish a Nancy-only community in the region?

No. Though it’s widely accepted that an all-Nancy community would be a nice place to live. 

Why are a lot of grandmas named Nancy?

The name Nancy peaked at popularity in 1950 as the sixth most popular name. It rose above 50th place in 1928 and didn’t fall below that until 1971, which means most Nancys currently are between the ages of 48 and 91. 

What is the Nancys’ plan to increase the popularity of the name “Nancy?”

Although the name “Nancy” is currently the 839th most popular name in the U.S., according to the Social Security Administration, no action is being proposed by the Nancys to increase use of the name. It is felt by some that the good character and likeability of Nancys nationwide is all that is needed to advocate for its value as a name.


WHAT: A gathering of Nancys.

WHEN: 2 p.m., Sunday.

WHERE: East City Park shelter, Moscow.

COST: Free.

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