Clarinets for District II North Mass Band

Nearly two hundred area Middle School Band students descended upon Genesee, Wednesday, Oct. 12, for the District II North Middle School Mass Band. Guest conductor Kathy Stefani, Idaho Music Educator Associations President-Elect, rehearsed with the group throughout the morning for an afternoon public performance. The students converge early in the year for the annual event to work on basics and stretch their skills to become better musicians and stronger leaders within their own bands. Schools represented and their directors include Genesee, Marianne Smith, Moscow, Tom Garrett, Kendrick, Joanne Gertje, Deary, Leah Dahl, Troy, Tera Stoner, Sacajewea, Marchand Duke. Photograph taken by Kathy Stefani, clarinet students from Genesee Middle School and Sacajewea Junior High.

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