The leaves are beginning to change color and descend as the Northern Hemisphere takes its seasonal rest from the sun. This week’s trivia challenge by Colfax librarian Sarah Phelan-Blamires samples readers’ knowledge of autumn. To test your trivia skills against others, visit the Whitman County Library Facebook page at 5:30 p.m. Thursdays for her live trivia challenge.

  1. Every autumn here in Washington and Idaho, we set our clocks back one hour to end daylight saving time, but which two U.S. states do not observe this federal law?

2. What is the noun that fits this definition: a horn overflowing with flowers, vegetables, fruit, etc., in an endless supply.

3. As days grow shorter, lack of what vitamin during the fall and winter can lead to weight gain by reducing fat breakdown and triggering fat storage?

4. During the 19th century, which president officially made Thanksgiving a national holiday that would always fall on the last Thursday of November?

5. What astronomical event occurs twice each year, marking the date when day and night are the same length? On which date will it occur this fall?

  1. Arizona and Hawaii. However, the Navajo Nation in northeastern Arizona does observe daylight saving time so that it can have a uniform time with the parts of the territory in Utah and New Mexico.

  2. Cornucopia.

  3. Vitamin D.

  4. Abraham Lincoln. Although, on Nov. 26, 1941. Although, Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a bill into law officially making the fourth (not the last) Thursday in November the national holiday of Thanksgiving Day.

  5. Equinox; Sept. 22.


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