“Father Christmas is Back” provides Hallmarkian flair with a British twist

Streaming on: Netflix

Romance: 4/5

Cheesiness: 4/5

Christmas spirit: 3/5

Caroline Christmas-Hope (Nathalie Cox) and her husband Peter (Kris Marshall) are hosting the holidays at their British estate. It’s a stressful time for Caroline as she works to make everything perfect for her three sisters and mother. Throwing a wrench in the works of her ideal Christmas is the arrival of her estranged father (Kelsey Grammer) who left the family unexpectedly on, you guessed it, Christmas Day, oh those many years ago. The Christmas family (yes, that is their last name) puts the “fun” in dysfunctional as personalities clash and all deal with the awkwardness of father Christmas and his clueless American girlfriend. While you might tire of Caroline’s many “Christmas is ruined” moments, there are some satisfying scenes of family bonding. The climax also features a classic tale of misunderstanding that leads to a heart-warming finale.

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