Footprints & DNA - Researchers present the latest on Bigfoot this weekend

The Pacific Northwest is world-famous for a resident who may or may not exist - Sasquatch.

The newest research on the elusive species will be presented at the Pacific Northwest Conference on Primal People, May 4-6, in Richland, Wash. at the Shiloh Inn.

Attendees will hear Sasquatch vocalizations captured by recordings and details on collecting bigfoot DNA. They’ll also be able to meet Bob Gimlin, one of the two men responsible for the now infamous 1967 Patterson/Gimlin film.

According to bigfoot author and conference organizer Thom Cantrall it will be the largest Sasquatch conference this year in the western hemisphere.

Among the presentations:

FOOTPRINTS Jeff Meldrum, associate professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University, will discuss new findings in his research analyzing Sasquatch footprints. His work focuses on what footprints reveal about Sasquatch physiology. Jaime Avalos of the Sierra Nevadas Range of California will present work on what prints tell about familial relationships among Sasquatch he has tracked in the Sierra Nevadas for several years.

LINGUISTICS Scott Nelson, a retired Navy cryptolinguist of Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington, Mo., will present new findings from his studies of “Sierra Sounds,” Sasquatch vocalization recordings by Ron Morehead and Al Berry, as well as other recordings by researchers across the continent. Morehead will be at the conference to talk about his new book on Sasquatch.

DNA Forensic scientist Melba Ketchum will discuss Sasquatch DNA analysis which is currently in the peer-review process with a scientific journal. She cannot discuss her study’s results while it is under review and will instead address questions about the process of DNA analysis.

Other activities will include a Friday field trip to the Blue Mountains, an evening meet-n-greet session, Saturday night karaoke and a Sunday benediction. Tickets for the conference are $70 for the entire weekend, including a semi-formal banquet Saturday night. Conference-only tickets are $40, dinner only tickets are $35 and senior citizens’ full registration is $65. More information is available by contacting Thom Cantrall at or

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