MAKEUP BY THE STARS: Forever friends

Libra makeup model shares lifetime of memories, passion for activism, with 360's makeup artist

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August Frank/Inland 360
Libra Makeup by the Stars model Kinsey Richardson joins makeup artist and friend Jacey Johnson for coffee at Hot Shots Espresso Cafe in Lewiston.

Libra, Sept. 23-Oct. 22, is an air sign, symbolized by a scale that represents balance. Libras always try to consider everyone’s perspectives, which can lead them to be 
MAKEUP BY THE STARS: Forever friends
indecisive (probably why this month’s model, my friend Kinsey Richardson, had me order her coffee for her when we did the photo shoot at Hot Shots Espresso Cafe, in Lewiston).

Libras often find themselves searching for beautiful environments, and they are known for their creativity, making them great stylists, designers and art critics.

Kinsey, of Lewiston, is a very special person to me: We have been best friends our whole lives. As children, we played with our American Girl dolls and watched “SpongeBob SquarePants” (we made that show our whole personalities for years). We somehow have navigated life knowing that, no matter what, we always have each other.

Fast forward: In 2017, Kinsey was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. She tries her best to be a voice in the community by sharing her story and offering ways people can help, whether it’s donating or working to end the stigma toward people with epilepsy.

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August Frank/Inland 360
Richardson's finished look is reflected in a window at Hot Shots Espresso Cafe in Lewiston.

She also likes to do anything arts and crafts-related, especially embroidering and drawing.

I thought it would be a fun challenge to create an eyeshadow look for her based on the Libra birthstone, the opal. Here’s how to duplicate the Libra look at home:

  • A sparkly eyeshadow with an overall pink shift to it.

  • A forest green eyeshadow.

  • A sage green eyeshadow.

  • Your favorite liquid eyeliner.

  • Mascara and/or your favorite pair of lashes.

  •  An angled eyeshadow b rush, a flat brush and a blending brush.

  • For this specific look, I used the Morphe X Lisa Frank Palette for the green shades and the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette Volume II for the pink shimmer.


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August Frank/Inland 360
The finished look is opalescent, inspired by Libra's stone, the opal.

  1. Prep eyelids with your favorite concealer or eyeshadow primer.

  2. Use your angled eyeshadow brush to create a dark green shadow wing from the outer corner of the eye toward the end of the tail of your eyebrow. I like mine more dramatic, so I brought it closer to create a bolder wing.

  3. Take the lighter sage with your blending brush and begin blending in circular motions toward the inner corner of your eye, keeping the sage above the crease.

  4. If you want the sparkles to be more vivid, apply a concealer on the inner corner of your eye to above your crease, creating half of a cut crease. You might remember from previous columns, a cut crease is created when a lighter shade is applied across the crease of the eyelid, resulting in a dramatic contrast that makes the eye look extra big and defined.

  5. Using your flat brush, apply the pink shimmer, pressing it to the concealed area, and blend out any harsh edges with the leftover sage green on your blending brush.

  6. Bring the pink opal to the inner corner.

  7. Apply your mascara — and lashes, if you choose. If you’re using false lashes, cover the lash band with your favorite liquid liner (mine is Clinique) to make it appear more natural.
If you or a Scorpio you know would like to be next month’s model, contact me at @blackmagic._beauty or Inland 360 editor Mary Stone at

Johnson creates a zodiac-inspired makeup look each month, using you, our readers, as her models. She can be found on Etsy at BlackMagicBeautyShop and Instagram @blackmagic._beauty.

Epilepsy awareness: how you can help

More than 22,000 people in Idaho are living with epilepsy or seizure-related conditions. The Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho leads the fight to stop seizures, find a cure and overcome the challenges created by epilepsy. You can donate and find ways to help at

Another great epilepsy awareness nonprofit to check out is The Jackson Casey SUDEP Awareness Foundation. You can donate, become a sponsor, find fundraisers to participate in and learn about Jackson’s story at

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August Frank/Inland 360
Johnson applies Richardson's Libra-themed eye makeup look at her Lewiston studio.