In the Cards: When tradition is the best guide

Illustration by Lars Robidoux/Inland 360

The Hierophant

Taurus April 20-May 20

The Hierophant typically is seen as a person of religious authority, and it isn’t always a well-received card in a reading, depending on the subject’s religious upbringing.

The main meanings of this card are traditions, spiritual lessons and commitment.

In this card drawn by Inland 360 illustrator Lars Roubidoux, we see a traditional (maybe even stubborn, like a Taurus) cowboy on his horse standing in front of a gate, a variation on the conventional tarot, in which the Hierophant is surrounded by two pillars symbolizing the link between him and the high priestess. Together, they represent a different yet mutual approach to learning. At the top of the gate, we see a bull skull representing the Taurus zodiac sign.

The Hierophant is the physical embodiment of institution. When seeking knowledge, he will guide you to discovery through established educational structures and traditions.

Something to reflect on this month: “What traditions have you learned that you still currently practice?”

Jacey Johnson
Jacey Johnson

In the Cards is a monthly exploration into the world of tarot readings. Johnson can be found on Etsy at BlackMagicBeautyShop and Instagram @blackmagic._beauty.

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