It’s beginning to look-alike Christmas with “The Princess Switch 3”

If you thought you'd had enough of fictional European royalty and unexplained dopplegangers, then you probably haven’t been keeping track of “The Princess Switch” franchise.

“The Princess Switch 3” has the three lookalikes (all played by Vanessa Hudgens) together for the holiday after the Star of Peace is stolen while it’s on loan to Queen Margaret. Margaret and Stacy ask reformed criminal Fiona for help to steal the star back before the relic’s big unveiling. Of course that means there’s plenty of opportunity for the lookalikes to pretend to be each other. After all, what else is the point of looking like someone?

While Margaret and Stacy are stable in their romantic pairings, Fiona is in jeopardy of remaining single all the way to Christmas until she reconnects with Peter Maxwell (Remy Hii). That relationship is where you will find all the classic Christmas romance tropes: I’m talking ice skating, flashbacks and interrupted kisses.

“The Princess Switch 3” also boasts the most quickly planned heist in human history, so if you’re looking for some cat burglar suits to go with your Christmas wardrobe, this film has you covered.

There’s something about the holidays that brings Stacy, Margaret and Fiona together, and there’s something about the franchise that makes me unable to not watch.

“The Princess Switch 3”


Romance: 4/5

Cheesiness: 4/5

Christmas spirit: 2/5

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