Makeup by the Stars: In the green

Zodiac-inspired makeup look puts focus on finances

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Jacey Johnson

Thank you to the readers who followed last year’s tarot series, In the Cards. I had so much fun writing each feature and teaching you about the major arcana and how they correlate with each zodiac sign.

This year, I’m doing something a little different — and interactive. I’ll be creating makeup looks inspired by the zodiac signs to share here each month, and you have a chance to be a model for your birth month.

If your birthday is coming up, and you’re up for modeling makeup based on your sign, you can contact Inland 360 editor Mary Stone at and, based on your availability, we’ll collaborate. An Inland 360 photographer will take a photo of your completed zodiac-inspired look, done by me, to include with my column. How cool is that?

click to enlarge Makeup by the Stars: In the green
Jacey Johnson applies an Aquarius-themed makeup look, punctuated by a pop of green.

Starting with Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18), I thought what better way to get this series going than using myself for reference, since this is my sign.

The Aquarius is known to be a weirdo of the zodiac: creative, progressive and rebellious.

The prediction for 2023 Aquarians, according to astrologer Bejan Daruwalla of, is that this year will be bright for us, with many opportunities to move ahead in our lives. At the beginning of this year, we will bring in good money and be financially capable.

So this month, my fellow Aquarians, we need to really attract that money. Even if you aren’t an Aquarius, but you want to put your focus on finances, try incorporating green in your makeup, clothing or accessories to help with manifesting financial opportunities. I centered this look on a pop of green in the inner crease of my eyes.

The look

  • I started by prepping my eyes with Fenty concealer. I like to use a lighter concealer when priming my eyes to enhance the eyeshadow colors and make them more vibrant.
  • I used an angled brush and Hoola bronzer to make a shadow liner, blending it out with a lighter brown from a Jeffree Star x Morphe eyeshadow pallet to make the liner look less harsh.
  • Then I added the pop of dark green from the same pallet on the inner corner and used a blending brush with a lighter green to create a smoked-out green, adding a bit of sparkle as well.
  • Next I used a liquid liner from Clinique, tracing my lash line and following the shadow line to create an even cat eye.
  • Last, I applied false lashes and mascara on the top lash line, with black pencil liner on the waterline. I blended out the black waterline with the same bronzer.

If you try this look, please post your photos and tag Black Magic Beauty on Facebook and @blackmagic._beauty on Instagram.

And if you are a Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) and would like to be our next model, please email us no later than Jan. 13.

Johnson will highlight a zodiac-inspired makeup look each month this year. She can be found on Etsy at BlackMagicBeautyShop and Instagram @blackmagic._beauty.