Makeup by the Stars: Keeping it simple for summer

Cancer look uses just three colors, including a pop of magenta

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August Frank/Inland 360
Joanna Alford models Cancer-themed makeup applied by Jacey Johnson last week in Lewiston.

Cancer, June 22-July 22,
is symbolized by a crab, and people born under this sign often have a tough exterior. But softness lies within: Cancers are known to be sensitive and are able to perceive people’s feelings and moods.
The birthstone for Cancer is the ruby, and the lucky color for the season is magenta, a playful hue to try on this month’s model, Joanna Alford, of Lewiston. Joanna is a mom and works as a marketing account manager for Studio 1892, a digital marketing agency owned by the Lewiston Tribune’s parent company, TPC Holdings.

For this look, I wanted to do something simple, but with a splash of color for summer. Using the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Volume II Palette (an amazing summer color collection) I was able to achieve the look with only three colors.
Makeup by the Stars: Keeping it simple for summer
Jacey Johnson

  1. I primed the eyelid with concealer one shade lighter than the foundation shade I used to make the shadow colors appear brighter.

  2. I applied a dark magenta on the outer corner of her eyes with a packing brush. Joanna has hooded eyes, so I brought the magenta past her crease so she could still see the magenta while looking in the mirror. If I had kept this color below the crease, her eyes would appear much smaller.

  3. Taking a blending brush and dipping it into a light pink shade, I started at the crease and blended the pink up to underneath the brow bone.

  4. I then applied the same concealer used to prime the eyelids to the inner corner, toward the middle of the lid.

  5.  Next, I used a gold, chunky glitter (any shimmer color would work) with a flat brush, patting the gold from the inner corner to the middle of the eyelid.Then I went back to the brush I used for the magenta to blend the magenta and gold for a seamless look. You don’t want the change in color to be harsh.

    6. I applied a MAC nude eyeliner to the waterline and went underneath the bottom lash line with the magenta, blending it out once again with pink.

I decided to skip the lashes for this look, so the shadows could have their time to shine. Mascara recommendations would be Benefit Roller Lash or Maybelline Sky High.

If you are a Leo interested in having your makeup done for next month’s column, reach out to Inland 360 editor Mary Stone at or myself @blackmagic._beauty on Instagram.

Johnson creates a zodiac-inspired makeup look each month, using you, our readers, as her models. She can be found on Etsy at BlackMagicBeautyShop and Instagram@blackmagic._beauty.