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Kaylee Brewster

Last time I went into a comic book store I was tired of reading dark stories about brooding anti-heroes in big crime-ridden cities.

I wanted something light and fun, a good-hearted hero from a town that looked a bit more like home. So I picked up “Huck” by Mark Millar, and it did not disappoint.

Huck is a gas station attendant, with superpowers of course. He has the usual super speed and super strength, but also the ability to find anything that is lost — a cat, a necklace, a person, whatever.

But his biggest superpower is his heart. He has a goal of doing one good deed a day, whether it’s emptying the trash for everyone in town or taking the bill for everyone behind him in the drive-through line; Huck doesn’t need his powers to be a hero.

But when word gets out that Huck can find anything, he doesn’t shy away from helping people. Instead of continuing with his quiet life, he chooses to help. That decision leads him to discover the truth of his own past.

Not only is the story wholesome with an admirable character, the artwork is stunning. Artist Rafael Albuquerque uses bold coloring that doesn’t feel offensive to the eyes. His characters have details and depth and are able to show emotion.

The story and artwork also manage to avoid being too graphic content-wise. Yes, a few fights break out, and there are certainly some evil villains, but “Huck” shows that you can be a good guy and a good comic book without doing bad things.

In a world where evil seems to lurk around every corner and even the good guys on screen make morally compromised choices, “Huck” is a breath of fresh air that will make you believe in heroes again.

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