This is a past event.

Our Ecstatic Solstice

Celebrate the summer solstice with self-care and a dive deep into dance. Ecstatic dance is movement that brings together humans from all walks of life to celebrate health and community through dance. The atmosphere will be different from a standard social dance, night club or rave. At an ecstatic dance no one talks on the dance floor. It's a space to help relieve social tension. No worry to pick up on social cues. Just relax into the music, find your vibe and flow with it. Consent is also important. We want to groove as a collective, but please respect each others' space. The night begins with a smudging to cleanse body, mind, and soul. A DJ will take you on a journey through electronic music and more to fire the synapses and move your feet, then transition into a sound bath and meditation to solidify the work we did on the dance floor.

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