Performing Christian music Camp-outs: Musician Jeremy Camp and two other groups to perform Sunday at LCSC

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Jeremy Camp


Grammy nominee and multiple Dove Award winner Jeremy Camp performs Sunday at the Lewis-Clark State College Activity Center. The Christian musician/songwriter is joined by fellow artists Kutlass, a rock-modern/worship band, and Adam Cappa, a guitar-driven pop singer.

We caught up with Camp on the phone to find out more about his music and his message:

360: Tell us about this past year of work for you - what's new?

Camp: What's funny is that we're on the tail end of this tour for our last record, but we just finished a new record. It's been an amazing year, I just signed with Capitol Records and we got right on a new album. And so this tour is coming off that excitement. Our concert will include four new songs from the next record, which comes out in February.

360: You say you now know more clearly what you and your music are about? What is that?

Camp: I think one thing that I've been more solidified on is sharing the gospel every single time and giving people an opportunity to respond. My desire is for audiences to go deeper and deeper with Jesus, more and more. Whatever happens with an album - sales and singles - who cares? If it's not affecting people, it doesn't matter.

360: With this Christian message, what about people who don't share your faith? Do they enjoy or identify with your concerts?

Camp: The thing about it, is that I want to do everything I do with excellence - the music, the production, all of that. So some people say, "Oh, Christian music - cheesy," or "It's the gospel, I'm not into that." But with the concerts, what I hear is that sometimes it's just a shock of how well it's done. They love that. And then they always go, "There's something different, I felt something."

360: You're touring with Kutlass and Adam Cappa. Tell me about those guys? What's it like touring with them?

Camp: Sure, they're great. I've been mentoring Adam Cappa for years now - I saw him and I saw his heart for Jesus and I said, "I want to invest in that kid." With Kutlass, we were label mates for 11 years, so I've known them a long time. So performing with them, it's such a sweet, seamless transition. They're fun.

360: How does that transformation, that message, translate both lyrically and musically in the album?

Camp: The neat thing about "Reckless" is that it got me to a place where it's more, "God, whatever you want me to give up to benefit the kingdom more, I'm yours" and that was really great. You can always go to a deeper place of surrender. From that, I was very open handed. We always say this, but the new one is probably the best record I've ever done. Musically, creatively, vocally, it just jumped up a level.

Questions from Fans:Q: Where's your favorite place to compose?Camp: In the woods, in the mountains, that's my favorite place. I get inspired in the mountains.Q: What music did you listen to when you were a teenager?

Camp: I listened to everything from Pearl Jam - you know, all the grunge stuff back in the day - to Steven Curtis Chapman.

Q: How much do you travel?

Camp: About 130 days a year.

Q: What's currently on your play list?

Camp: All Sons and Daughters, Johnnyswim, For King and Country.

Q: What do you do when you're not doing music?

Camp: Ride motorcycles, play golf, hang out with my kids.

Q: What has been a high point in your 12-year career?

Camp: My kids. That's not my career, I know, but that's my high point.

If You Go WHAT: "Come Alive" tour featuring Jeremy Camp, Kutless and Adam Cappa WHEN: 7 p.m. Sunday. Doors open at 6 p.m. WHERE: Lewis-Clark State College Activity Center, 500 Eighth Ave., Lewiston COST: $25/person in advance, $30/person day of show, $20/person for groups of 10 or more in advance. Advance tickets are available at His Story Christian Gift Center, The House of Faith and at or any Ticketswest outlet.

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