Last week’s issue included a list compiled by Inland 360 staffers of 10 reasons Halloween is better than Christmas. Reader Jennifer Opdahl did us one better and submitted her own list. From all of us at Inland 360, thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your love for this spooky holiday. And to everyone getting ready to celebrate on Sunday: Stay safe and enjoy the candy — so much candy.

10 reasons why Halloween is better than Christmas

1. No pressure to buy people the perfect gift, or any gifts for that matter.

2. “Hocus Pocus” is on TV a couple times a week.

3. For kids it's magical: Play dress up, go for a walk and get candy. For adults, it's a perfect night: Either dress up and party or chill at home and eat snacks.

4. No obligation to visit relatives.

5. Candy. So much candy.

6. It's the one day a year when you can randomly see a banana driving a Subaru.

7. It's a holiday where the main focus is dressing up and having a good time.

8. Spooky movies, all month long on most channels.

9. The only leverage Christmas does have is that Christmas has Christmas music. But I have a 19-hour Spotify playlist titled “October Spooky Jams” that would argue with that.

10. Christmas has gotten so commercialized and stressful. Halloween is just about having a good time, a few tricks, some treats — Oh, and did I mention candy?

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