Review: “Dear Fahrenheit 451: Love and Heartbreak in the Stacks,” by Annie Spence

Book review

by Erin Kolb

Dear “Dear Fahrenheit 451: Love and Heartbreak in the Stacks,”

Could you be a more perfect book? I mean, I don’t want to gush, but I’m going to because this is definitely fan mail. Before I go on, I must admit it was your cover that first grabbed my attention. Yes, I judged you by your cover. A watercolor of a darling librarian standing on a stack of books reaching for a book on a bookshelf? Adorable! How did I know you were a librarian? By your bun and sensible shoes, of course. I’ll forgive you the bun stereotype. My sassy short hair proves not all librarians put their hair up, but my Danskos are a dead giveaway.

Ok, enough about your appearance. Let’s get to the heart of you, dear. You are librarian Annie Spence’s love letters and breakup notes to the eclectic books she’s encountered over the years. Jam-packed with more than 100 book titles, you’re filled with goodies like Stephen King’s disconcerting and terrifying “Misery,” Judy Blume’s groundbreaking young adult novel “Forever,” and Annie’s all-time favorite, “The Virgin Suicides,” by Jeffrey Eugenides. Then there are some real gems, like “Cornzapoppin’!: Popcorn Recipes and Party Ideas for All Occasions,” and “Pictorial Anatomy of the Cat.”

Annie’s writing is funny and snarky, compassionate and reflective. She’s fantastically honest in her letters, and that is what makes you, dear, such a delightful read. You are a book-lover’s dream and an absolute must for any reader in a slump. Know that I’m talking about you and sharing you with my community. You’re too good to sit unnoticed.


Erin Kolb

Adult Services Librarian, Asotin County Library, Clarkston

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