Rounding up the latest books by local authors


A look at an exhibit that changed the way the world thought about race; a poetry anthology by Lewiston 20-something; and the children's book "Papa's Song;" are three of the latest offerings from local authors.

These and more are coming up in Thursday's Inland 360 magazine.

“Races of Mankind: The Sculptures of Malvina Hoffman”
by Marianne Kinkel
University of Illinois Press
292 pages, $40

In 1930, Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History commissioned sculptor Malvina Hoffman to create lifelike models of racial types for an anthropology display called the “Races of Mankind.”

Marianne Kinkel’s book about the sculptures, and their maker, examines the rippling effect the 91 bronze and stone sculptures had on perceptions of race in 20th century visual culture.

In “Races of Mankind: The Sculptures of Malvina Hoffman,” Kinkel tracks influential exhibitions of statuettes in New York and Paris and photographic reproductions in atlases, maps, and encyclopedias. She demonstrates how the sculptures promoted the notion of a brotherhood of man in the 1940s, and spurred Afro-centric discourses in the 1970s. The sculptures’ history has been largely unrecognized until now.

Kinkel is a Washington State University fine arts professor. She joined the faculty in 2003. Her research focuses on anti-prejudice cartoons, comic books and animated films of the 1940s.

“Bones: An Anthology of Dusty Poetry”
by J.E. Bergman
58 pages, $9.99

Lewiston writer Jenny Bergman has self-published “Bones: An Anthology of Dusty Poetry”

The 20-something Bergman grew up in San Diego and, for five years lived in Kamiah. She says her poetry is influenced by her life’s surroundings  — from the ocean to the middle of the forest.

“My love of history and romanticism and my analytical obsession with the fragile human psyche all roll in there as well,” Bergman says. The book is available online.

“Papa’s Song”
by Becky Harris
Tate Publishing & Enterprises
24 pages, $6.99

Lewiston author and illustrator Becky Harris will sign copies of her children’s book, “Papa’s Song,” from 1-3 p.m. April 28 at Spot On Yogurt in Lewiston.

In the story a child recounts his bedtime ritual with his grandfather who teaches the boy he is loved by him and, more importantly, Jesus.

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