Where does the Easter Bunny get his eggs and how do the chickens feel about it? Youngsters reveal the secrets of the hunt

In anticipation of the Easter egg hunts taking place this weekend, we met up with some young experts for insider info on eggs, egg hunts and the Easter Bunny.

The Easter eggs-perts we spoke with are Wes Holder, 4, son of Lloyd and Joanna Holder of Lewiston; Emery Smith, 3, and Lucy Smith, 6, daughters of Tim and Bonnie Smith of Lewiston; Kathryn Ford, 4, and Emily Ford, 8, daughters of Colby and Alicia Ford of Lewiston; and Aiden Kincheloe, 4, son of Allen and Jacie Kincheloe, of Clarkston

The experts sometimes seemed amazed at the lack of knowledge displayed by their questioner. ——— 360: Have you ever done an Easter egg hunt? Wes: (confused) Is it Easter today?

360: No, but it is coming soon. Do you know much about Easter egg hunts? Wes: Yes, I know about them. You hide the eggs.

360: Do you hide them? Wes: No. 360: Does your mom? Wes: No. The Easter bunnies. They sneak it into the yard when it’s nighttime and they come and they go… (demonstrates taking an egg from a basket and putting it on the ground) 360: Where do eggs come from? Emery: From the bunny rabbit. Emily: Chickens. Not roosters. The mom chickens always lay the eggs. Wes: Chickens. I used to think chickens poop eggs. But they lay eggs.

360: Does the Easter bunny lay eggs or does it just get the eggs from the chickens? Wes: It gets it from the chickens, when they go, “bwack-bwack-BWACK!” And then they say, “What?!  Where are our eggs?” 360: Do the chickens get mad when the Easter bunny takes their eggs? Wes: Yeah.

360: Does the Easter Bunny lay eggs too? Emily: Yes. Lucy: No, he has the basket and he sets them out for you to find.

360: Have you seen the Easter bunny? Emery: Yeah. He was in front of my house. And he jumped in my windows. And he gave me Easter things. Lucy: The Easter bunny poops in my house, it poops chocolate chips. And I have seen the Easter bunny. When we woke up, I was the first one and I saw a little white tail. Wes: Yeah. It’s little. About like this (holds hand up to top of his head). It’s pink.

360: What does the Easter Bunny do? Emily: We leave our baskets out and he puts candy in them. Kathryn: The Easter Bunny put toys in mine. Aiden: It brings chocolate and lays eggs. Emery: They make the Easter things.

360: Are you good at doing Easter egg hunts? Lucy: Yeah, Granny hid eggs and it was like one minute and I found all of them. Aiden: Well, I am good at it. Hey look! I can see the mountains!

360: Do you have any strategies for finding eggs? Aiden: Well, after, we played Hungry Hungry Hippos with marbles. And some eggs are on the mountains. Lucy: I can find them really fast. I just can.

360: Do you like to eat real Easter eggs? Lucy: No. Emily: Eh, I don’t know. Aiden: Yes.

360: How do you like to eat your eggs? Aiden: You eat them with your mouth.

360: Do you take the shell off yourself? Aiden: Yeah, but I’m not the really good cooker, I’m just the boy.

360: Do you like the eggs with candy in it or eggs with egg in it? Emery: Candy! Kathryn: I like the candy. Aiden: I like real eggs better.

360: Really? Did you hear that candy was your other choice? Is there a winner of an Easter Egg Hunt? Emily: No, everyone’s a winner. Lucy: No, it’s just a fun activity.

360: What are the rules of an Easter Egg Hunt? Lucy: You don’t cheat. Like if you find an egg and you keep on finding all the eggs, it’s not nice to take them all. One time at my grandma’s house she put out eggs and Dad said to let everyone else get some eggs. 360: What if two people find the same egg at the same time? Wes: I would hit him in the face. Emily: You just tell the other person they can have it and if they see it first, then you are OK with that. Lucy: Their mom would figure it out.

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