With ‘Snowbound for Christmas’ you know exactly what you’re getting


Romance: 3/5

Cheesiness: 5/5

Christmas spirit: 2/5

“Snowbound for Christmas” would be a nightmare for the human resources department, but it’s an enjoyable mess for audiences with low standards.

Marketing executive Rachel (Zarrin Darnell-Martin) goes to a pitch meeting at a hotel with her boss, Adrian (Henderson Wade), and co-worker Diane (Josephine Buettner), who also is Adrian’s ex-girlfriend. At the pitch, Adrian sends Diane off on another project, and the world’s fastest snowstorm suddenly hits and snows them in. Adrian and Rachel are the only guests in the hotel enjoying their favorite meal of sardines (seriously, their favorite food is canned fish), spas, skiing and couple’s massages. Diane is stuck with an outdoorsman from Pittsburgh in a rustic cabin. So you already know what’s going to happen.

The film is peak cheesy holiday romance, complete with unnatural dialogue, conversations about topics that were clearly quickly googled, obvious use of green screen backgrounds and the classic “big project” with a Christmas deadline. Nothing about the film is remotely realistic, and it doesn’t seem to care — and if you want to enjoy it, you shouldn’t either.

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