This week we are happy to announce the winners of Inland 360’s fourth annual Design Our Cover contest.

Once again, people from around the region participated, and we thank everyone who took the time to share their work with us. One of the roles of a newspaper is to reflect its community. Each year we offer this contest it is exciting to see and share the creativity of our readers.

In this week’s edition we list the names of the contest winners.

Covers by winners will appear throughout the coming year. Winners will receive a $35 gift certificate to an area restaurant.

Steve Gill, Palouse

Mikayla Hartley, Lewiston

Madeleine Julianne, Pullman

Ken Karper, Pullman

Akem Kuenyedzi, Lewiston

Diana Leachman, Lewiston

Linda Meyer, Pullman

Tara Oar, Pullman

Matt Payne, Grangeville

Anna Prevost, Moscow

Melissa Rockwood, Moscow

David Stroup, Lewiston