All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go

An unexpected phenomena caused by the pandemic is having a closet full of clothes with nowhere to wear them.

For many, attire during the last year consisted of sweats and T-shirts. With galas, parties, business meetings, reunions and ceremonies canceled, suits, formals and other dressy outfits collected a year of dust.

As spring break arrives, travel remains unsettled, with states in different stages of reopening. Many people are staying close to home. If that’s where you find yourself, we invite you to express yourself by outfitting the people on this week’s cover, designed by Julie Breslin, an Inland 360 production editor. Send us a photo of your creation, and we may feature it in a future edition. Submissions are due by midnight April 4.


  1. Decorate the people and their gear in anyway you see fit.

  2. Photograph your finished work.(Should you decide to cut out and rearrange items, we suggest gluing them to a stiffer material, like cardboard, and photographing them against a plain background.)

Email the photo to with your name, age, city and email.

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