Art contest open to Washington, Idaho high school students

High school students’ original artwork can earn them recognition — and cash — in the seventh annual Celebrate the West art competition, presented by the Western Governors’ Association. Applications are due April 30.

The competition challenges high school students from 17 states, including Idaho and Washington, to create artwork that expresses what the West means to them. A finalist from each participating state and territory will be announced on or before May 7. State winners will receive $200 and move on to the regional competition July 26-28 in Coeur d’Alene.

Overall first place will receive $1,500, second place will receive $750 and third place will receive $500. Students also may receive recognition from the governor of their state, including having their artwork displayed at the Capitol building or in other public spaces.

The foundation also will award a participating teacher $300 for the Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Art Teacher.

Application guidelines are at