Cereal Smackdown: Competition should be crisp in Sweet 16


The heavyweights emerged this week in round two of Inland 360’s summer Cereal Smackdown setting up some crisp competition for the next round of voting.

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Frosted Flakes beat Froot Loops by a mere three votes. In this week’s round, the flakes will take on the puffs of Golden Puffs, which trounced S’mores and is favored to win.

There are two superstar showdowns to watch: First, the battle between two big leaguers: Cheerios vs. Raisin Bran. Cheerios, a bland favorite, raked in the votes this week over its sweeter foe, Golden Grahams, positioning itself for a win.

In another race, Rice Krispies will take on Cap’n Crunch, with the trifecta of Snap, Crackle and Pop expected to crush the competition.

In other races, top scorer Cinnamon Toast Crunch will face Lucky Charms, and Life will fight for survival against Vanilla Chex, which has an especially devoted fan in our newsroom who has plied people to vote for her favorite cereal by sharing it at work.

It is too close to call two other races: Trix vs. Apple Jacks and Kix vs. Special K Red.

How far will you go to see that your favorite cold breakfast cereal wins? Vote online through midnight Monday at inland360.com.

-- Inland 360 staff

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