click to enlarge Cover contest winners announced
This week's cover is by contest entrant and Moscow artist Julene Ewert.

Participation in our annual cover contest was as robust as ever, so once again we’re naming multiple winners and honorable mentions.

Works by those listed here will be considered for publication on Inland 360 covers over the following months, though it’s possible not all will be used.

Thank you to everyone who entered, those named here and not. Choosing this list isn’t easy, as we have amazingly talented readers, from professional artists to students to amateur photographers to digital artists.

Winners: Mona Bashore, Clarkston; Lina Boylan, Lewiston; Larry Bruya, Pullman; Jessica Evans, Lenore; Julene Ewert, Moscow; Steve Ewert, Troy; Franksy, Pullman; Steven Gill, Palouse; Chloe Green, Lewiston; Chloe Hansen, Moscow; Brian Kolstad, Clarkston; Jennifer Menegas, Lewiston; Cheryll Root, Troy; Bridgette Schnider, Troy; Janis Wallis, Clarkston.

Honorable mentions: Janice Ardern, Moscow; Jack Campbell, Pullman; Mary Cook, Pomeroy; Kaylee Dreyer, Lewiston; Amy Grey, Moscow; Baeli Kinsley, Lewiston; Otti Miller, Pomeroy; Tara Oar, Pullman; and August Bruya, age 6, who visited his grandparents in Pullman and created his cover art with his grandfather, Larry.