“The Last Champion,” which was filmed in Moscow, Pullman, Colton and Garfield in 2017, is now available to watch on Amazon Prime. 

The movie stars Cole Hauser (“Good Will Hunting,” “Yellowstone”) as John Wright, a hometown hero and high school wrestler with a chance to be on the Olympic team, but one bad decision destroys his dream. He lives under the shadow of the scandal and returns home, where he has the opportunity to set things right by coaching the high school wrestling team. 

The film also stars Hallie Todd. The movie was written by Todd and her daughter, Ivy Withrow, and is directed by Glenn Withrow, Todd’s husband. 

The Palouse was chosen as a location because Glenn Withrow had a friend who lived in the area, according to a Lewiston Tribune article during the time of filming. 

Locals performed as extras during crowd scenes filmed at the University of Idaho Kibbie Dome in Moscow. Scenic locations around the Palouse also were filmed. 


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