Holiday Drinks: What we love to swig as we toast the holidays

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What are you drinking?

Facebook followers of Inland 360, the Lewiston Tribune and Moscow-Pullman Daily News told us about their favorite holiday beverages. Here’s what some of them wrote, verbatim, minus a few emoticons.

l Julie Peterson: we take white choc chips and melt them down with milk, add some whip cream and pretty blue sprinkles every Holiday season.. they’re just so pretty and yummy

l Lloyd Hansen: Mt. Dew

l Merritt Burton: Water.

l Bill Rowland: Nog

l Kimberli Hausen: Freedom

l Sarah Krueger Showers: Candy Cane Hot Chocolate!

l Shari Lewis George: Cocoa

l Pete Flynn: Reed’s Dairy in Idaho Falls makes a Chocolate egg nog that is wonderful

l Staci Garlinghouse: Branch Hot cocoa and orange liqueur.

l Rose Warriner: NOT ~ eggnog

l Crys Lynch-Van: Anything w alcohol lol

l DeLayne Whipple Brown: Pendleton on the rocks

l Becky Seubert: Pepper Mint Patties

l Charles Grogan: Egg nog, only now I have to have the soy version which doesn’t taste as good.

l Sharon Gay Rossiter: Irish Crème (Hands Down) - I make some really good Irish Crème from scratch. Also love Hot Chocolate w/Rum in it.

l Tysha Fry: hot butter rum

l Desiree VanCuren: Southern Comfort Vanilla Egg Nog

l Linda Jean Hedler: baily’s and coffee

l Darby Lam Baldwin: Bailey’s and Cocoa

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