Lewiston native to appear as extra on NBC’s “Grimm”

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Kenneth Benjamin Reed
Anthony (Dave) Velarde

Lewiston native Anthony (David) Velarde is to appear as an extra in upcoming episodes of NBC’s modern TV fantasy series “Grimm.”

Velarde, 34, is a 1998 graduate of Lewiston High School and a 2002 and 2008 graduate of the University of Idaho.

“It’s a lot of fun, it’s really neat,” Velarde said in a phone interview from his home in Portland, Ore. “I guess when you grow up in rural Idaho it’s pretty surreal. You see all the stuff on TV, watch the behind the scenes, and imagine. All of a sudden you’re right there working on the set.”

Velarde played football at UI from 1999-2001. During that time he took an introduction to acting class and says he “caught the acting bug” after professor Kelly Quinnett taught him to channel long-standing anger issues into his stage presence. While working in the oil fields of North Dakota last fall, Velarde says he decided to take a shot at a dream of acting. He moved to Portland where he’d heard several network TV and major Hollywood motion pictures were being shot. He signed up at www.extrasonly.com and within two weeks got a casting offer to appear on “Grimm,” which is filmed in the city.

Velarde does not know when the two episodes he appears in will air. A casting agent said it is possible his first appearance will be Jan. 3, the date the show returns.

“I’ve got that downtown Portland tough guy look, I guess,” Velarde says about the scenes he is in.

He’s since found an agent and is auditioning for films.

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