Local music on stage at Palouse Music Festival

Shade. Food. Local music.

That’s what you’ll find at the Palouse Music Festival. The event consistently draws locals and regional visitors alike to the town’s only park, which is covered in shade trees and lined by the Palouse River.  

What sort of music will you hear? A little bit of everything, presented by local and once-local musicians from the Palouse area, including:

Arman Bohn

Plays at: 11 a.m.

Music genre: Retro futuristic electronic rock

Hails from: Palouse

Favorite part about the Palouse Music Festival: Getting to play a

festival with the Elwoods

Day job: Computer repair (please don't spill your drink on your laptop)

Known for: My performance of "Mr. Toad" in the 1987 Garfield Palouse Middle School production of "The Wind in the Willows"

Bad habit: Saying "Jeepers" instead of four letter words when NOT around

my kids

Favorite ice cream flavor: Vanilla

Favorite refreshing summer beverage: LaCroix

Ideal summer adventure: Tubing down the river

The Cherry Sisters Revival

Plays at: 12:15 p.m.

Music genre: Fun folksy

Hail from: Moscow and Pullman

Favorite part about the Palouse Music Festival: The venue with its beautiful shade trees

Worst decision: Including “Delta Dawn” in our playlist. Now it gets requested, and we aren’t sure we really want to cover it anymore.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Hands down, it would be Umpqua chocolate peanut butter

Favorite refreshing summer beverage: We call it the Rendezvous Randy; it’s Grand Marnier, club soda, and lemon over ice.

Musician you’d like to meet: Merle Haggard

Last performance venue: A hair salon customer appreciation/wine tasting event in Rathdrum, Idaho (in a detached garage/shop)

Robin and John Elwood

Plays at: 1:30 p.m.

Music genre: Father/son duo, folk music

Hail from: One of us lives in Elberton, along the Palouse river. The other lives in Bellingham, Wash. So, if you took an average, we’re probably based in Thorp.

Palouse Music Festival tip: Hang out in the city swimming pool in the afternoon while still listening to the music.

Known for: John builds musical instruments, tunes pianos and serves as the unelected ‘mayor’ of Elberton, which is a ghost town; Robin works at a food co-op, repairs accordions and drives his twins around.

Worst decision: A couple gigs ago, we thought it would be a great idea to try a waltz we didn’t know on the clarinet and piano accordion. We won’t do that this time.

Shiloh and the Young Guns

Plays at: 3 p.m.

Music genre: Classic and western country

Hail from: Troy, Colfax and Oaksdale

Palouse Music Festival history: The band has performed at the festival since it began, has only missed two festivals in the years since; Shiloh’s father was the first MC

Day job: Making music and being a mom of two kids

Favorite item from the grill: Barbecued meat, especially any kind of meat on a stick

Musician you’d like to meet: Dolly Parton, inspiration and role model since the age of 8

Last performance venue: Rendezvous in the Park and Kendrick Memorial Pool Fundraiser, two weeks after the birth of her second child

Purple Teeth

Plays at: 4:15 p.m.

Music genre: Americana quartet

Hails from: Palouse

Favorite part about the Palouse Music Festival: Everyone who plays the festival is from the Palouse region, or used to be.

Worst decision: Jessie Twigg-Harris: Selling my first VW van. Tiana Gregg-Holmes, who had this same response to the rest of the questions: Wine.

Guilty pleasure: James Harris: I watch fringe science videos -- UFO's, bigfoot, flat earth and crop circles to name a few.

Favorite thing you’re listening to right now: Paul Smith: My 15-year-old son playing "Johnny B. Goode."

Musician you’d like to meet: Harris: Tommy Emanuel; Twigg-Harris: Ben Harper; Smith: Scott Joplin

Honeyboy and Boots

Plays at 5:30 p.m.

Music genre: Folk and blues (Americana), husband and wife guitar-cello duo

Hail from: Nashville, Tenn.

Connection to Palouse Music Festival: Courtney Blackwell grew up in Pullman; Drew Blackwell was raised in Mississippi

Most known for: Courtney is known for her cowboy boots; that’s why she is called Boots.

Guilty pleasure: Drew: ice cream; Courtney: Boiled crawfish

Favorite concert ever: Old Crow Medicine Show, Mumford and Sons, and Alison Krause at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

Heather and the SoulMotions Plays at: 7 p.m.

Genre: R&B and 60’s soul

Hail from: Moscow

Favorite thing about the Palouse Music Festival: Sharing the ticket with awesome musicians

Known for: Heather Niccoli, vocalist: Owning “home&harvest” magazine and starting Little Shop of Florals

Worst Decision: Niccoli: Buying a "rare" chrome microphone stand on e-bay that turned out to be a common plumbing part.

Ideal summer adventure: Isaac Greenfield, drummer: Catching rattlesnakes and tarantulas in the desert

Guilty Pleasure: Niccoli: Ranges from daily YouTube karaoke, to late night nachos, to Damien Rice binges

Band you’d like to meet: Greenfield: Dr Teeth and Electric Mayhem from “Muppets”


WHAT: Palouse Music Festival

WHEN: 11 a.m. to- 8 p.m. Saturday

WHERE: Hayton Green Park, Palouse

COST: $10/adults, $5/ages 6-16, free/ages 5 and younger

OF NOTE: Craft and food vendors will be on site, along with a beer garden sponsored by the Palouse Community Center

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