Market music: The Paradones and All Skate play June 8


The Moscow Farmers Market will host live music this Saturday by The Paradons and All Skate.

The Paradons will begin at 9:30 a.m. with classic rock and roll from the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. The three-piece rock band emerged from the Lewiston-Clarkston valley, though the members have changed over the years since the band formed in 1961.

"I'm not one of the originals," said keyboardist Bob Kesler. "I joined the band later as a saxophone player, but took over the keyboard when a member left. Then I left the band, then came back, left again, and finally joined again when I moved back to Lewiston in 1991. But John Gardner (guitar and vocals) has been with us since the beginning."

The band's name is a mistake that stuck, a fortunate mispelling on the part of the late Joe Musiel, whose position as drummer passed to Rick Grimm.

The Paradons have played for reunions, wedding receptions, birthday parties.

"You name it and we've played it," said Kesler.

The band said they will enjoy playing at the Farmers' Market for the third year now.

"We like the varied audiences," Kesler said. "The people from our generation recognize the songs, but the younger people enjoy the music just as much."

The second band at the Market this Saturday will be All Skate, with their first-ever performance.

Inspired by nostalgia, the band put together covers of tunes from the '80s and '90s.

"The name All Skate came from what it's called when everybody can rollerskate at once," said band member Dylan Champagne. "We thought it would be fun to play songs we knew from growing up, from when we used to go rollerskating."

The four musicians of All Skate are Dylan Champagne (guitar, vocals), Jody Nicotra (violin), Brandt Elgersma (percussion, guitar), and Ben James (vocals).

The band originated from Moscow, but "we're all transplants," Champagne said. "Jody is from Pittsburg, I'm from California, Brandt is from Chicago and Ben is from the UK."

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