Nab 360 minutes of fame: Inland 360 launches its fourth annual Design Our Cover contest

The year 2020 put us on a new path forward, and what comes next is up to us.

On that note, we invite readers to enter Inland 360’s fourth annual Design Our Cover contest.

Inland 360 features 52 covers a year. Some are seasonal; others speak to a societal issue, a story or the mood of the moment.

Over this contest’s life span, it’s been amazing to see how an artist’s cover, sent months beforehand, is suddenly perfect for the time we choose to run it. We usually choose multiple winners and run the covers throughout the year. 

All media are welcome: computer graphics, photography, paintings, drawings and collage. Winners whose art is selected will have their work featured as the cover of a future edition and win a $35 gift certificate to a local restaurant.

Here are the rules and guidelines for this year’s contest.

  • Create a cover using the dimensions of 10.5 inches wide by 12.5 inches deep. Designs must adhere to this size to be considered. 

  • All designs must be emailed to with “Cover contest” in the subject line. That means if you create a cover by hand, you must take a photo of the finished work and email it to us. Save your work in case you win and we need you to mail it to us for reproduction purposes.

  • Work must be original, and you should expect that we will place the 360 logo somewhere in the design if you do not include it. Artists are welcome to put their own spin on our logo. 

  • Contest entries must be received by 5 p.m. Feb 19.

  • Be sure to include your name, address, email and phone number in correspondence so we can contact you, credit you for your work and send you a prize, if you win.