Brush up on your pie-ology with these pie trivia questions:

1) Was pumpkin pie served at the first Thanksgiving?

a.) No, pumpkins were not yet invented.

b.) No, pilgrims didn’t have flour and butter at that time.

c.) No, William Bradford hated pie as much as he hated religious persecution and banned it from the colony. 

d.) Yes, they used a recipe given to them by Squanto’s grandmother. 

2) How many pieces of pie may one appropriately consume on Thanksgiving?

a.) Only one. 

b.) Two, as it’s a traditional sign of feasting. 

c.) Three, as it’s a traditional sign of gratitude.

d.) As many as one wishes, as long as one is thankful.

3) Which utensil is most properly used to consume a slice of pie?

a.) A fork, if it’s pie alone; a spoon and fork if served with ice cream.

b.) A fork only, unless the consumer is younger than 5.

c.) A knife, so you can better defend your slice.

d.) Your God-given utensils: hands and fingers.

4) What food is sometimes used to mimic apples in apple pie?

a.) Saltine crackers.

b.) Ritz crackers.

c.) Zucchini.

d.) All of these. What is wrong with people anyway?

5) What is mincemeat pie made out of?

a.) A small reclusive animal known as a “mince.”

b.) It’s unknown; witches disperse small ingredient parcels on Halloween for people to use throughout the holiday season. 

c.) Dried fruit, spices and alcohol, and sometimes animal fat or meat.

d.) The nightmares of small children.

ANSWERS: 1)  b, 2) d, 3) a, 4) d, 5) c

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