In Inland 360’s Nov. 7 cover story, a longtime Lewiston family shared their story of immigrating to the U.S. and the increase in prejudice and racism they have experienced since the 2016 election of President Donald Trump. Here are some things readers had to say via email, our website and social media channels....

What a great article! I also am a Mexican born man brought to this country by my family. I related a lot to the Murillos. Thank you for painting a picture of our people in a positive way. Thank you so much.

- Cesar Loza via

Welllll if this isn't an article purely written to slander Trump I don't know what is. Please tell me how Trump is making people be racist. I'll wait.

- Neena Hellickson via Inland 360 Facebook page

In Reply: He’s not making them racist. He makes racists comfortable being openly racist. -  Sam Holmes.

I eagerly read your story about the Murillo family.  The story offers everyone in this community an opportunity to hear a real immigration story.  Shedding light on the racism in our own town shows the real impact of hatred because of the color of someone's skin. This is the kind of racism that brings everyone down. Your story helped us see the real face of immigration, the horror of the desperation that brings people to the US and the impact casual racist put-downs have. The US is a country of immigrants. All of our ancestors immigrated here. Thanks for making the immigrants’ story real.  

- Linda Rosetti, Clarkston, via email

I read your article in the Inland 360 published on 11/7/19 but there was a SERIOUS ERROR.  YOU STATED IN THE TITLE THAT "RACISM HAS SWELLED SINCE THE ELECTION OF PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP."  Now, I am neither a Republican NOR a democrat (I have risen above those games), but this racism skyrocketed WITH THE ELECTION OF MR. OBAMA!!!!!  What rock have you been hiding under these past 10 years or so? Just because he was sly enough to hide it from his constituents most of the time, (which most politicians are excellent at doing), SOME OF US saw it clearly!  Obama was extremely racist! ...

-Christine Alexander, Clarkston, via email 

Ok just gonna say it. If you’re not a minority then you won’t understand. You can talk all the talk you want in Facebook. But you (don’t) have the slightest idea about racism, you’re white (yeah, I said it). Can’t everyone just enjoy an awesome article on an awesome family and appreciate something good for once.....ok my daily rant over..... oh, awesome article Inland 360.

 - Frost Powaukee via Inland 360 Facebook page

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so sorry for the ignorance of people who have disrespected you and your family. I cannot imagine the pain you all have been through. Please know that there are those of us here in the Valley who view you as no less than equals. God bless you and your family.

-Ellen via

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