Regional Reads: Moscow author envisions genetically engineered future in new novel

In his debut novel, “The Engine of Survival,” Moscow’s Ron Seiler envisions a future in which genetic engineering is a dominant force in the health care industry. Wealthy parents can engineer their offspring to be smarter, healthier and stronger than their less-fortunate peers.
Part science fiction, part murder mystery, the scientific thriller examines the question: How human do we wish to remain?
The story opens with the death of Quinn Conner, the world’s first, and most famous, designer baby. His father, Hawke, is among the world’s richest people and CEO of Genetic Services International. Charlie Edmo, a trained geneticist and FBI agent, infiltrates the genetic black market and travels to the backcountry of Idaho to find a disgraced scientist and confront a genetically enhanced madman to find the truth behind the crime.

Seiler is retired from the University of Idaho, where he was the principal investigator for the Idaho Assistive Technology Project at the Center on Disabilities and Human Development as part of UI's College of Education, Health and Human Sciences.

The self-published book is available in paperback on Amazon and scheduled to be released as an e-book March 1. 

-Inland 360 staff

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