Dust flying, hearts pounding, muscles churning.

That’s all part of barrel racing — a race against time, a horse and rider working as a team to make the fastest run of the day.

Sharon Camarillo is a world-famous professional barrel racer and now a teacher, mentor and spokeswoman. In her podcast, “Fun and Fast Times,” Camarillo gives her own personal insight on the sport, as well as bringing in other key rodeo figures to share their views.

Episode 1 of the podcast shares a brief history of how barrel racing got its start in professional rodeo. The show provides a look at how women formed their own organizations, such as the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association, and also the steps that were taken to get equal payout for all events in pro rodeo.

Camarillo interviews current WPRA President Doreen Wintermute, barrel racing legend Jimmie Gibbs-Munroe, and National Barrel Racing Association Executive Director Sherry Fulmer. The episode touches on what makes barrel racing so popular on the equestrian scene and how it is continuing to grow and change.

The podcast allows listeners — horse savvy or not — to gain a greater understanding of what barrel racing is really all about in the competitive world.

— Dallas Marshall

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