'Spooked,' is a goosebump-inducing podcast for fans of the unseen

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By Drew Evans

If you believe in visits from those who come from “the other side,” are under the impression that you’re never truly alone, or had things that go “bump in the night” come knocking at your door, “Spooked,” might be the podcast for you -- just in time for Halloween.

Now in its third season, the podcast is from the amazing storytelling creators of  the podcast “Snap Judgement” and follows the same format but tells real life stories of individuals in unparalleled situations. It revolves around the stories of people who’ve had encounters with ghosts, who died only to be welcomed back to life, or have seen the stuff of nightmares with their own eyes (including zombie clowns, in some cases). Each fall, “Spooked” releases 12 original episodes, one per week in a creepy countdown to Halloween that begins in September.

Each episode varies in length but promises an exciting, must hear, tell-all about a truly frightening event in the life of the narrator. These episodes are masterfully edited and produced with original music as a backdrop for an extra dose of spookiness. Be aware, some of these episodes can be shocking and graphic and are not suitable for all audiences. However, if this is the case, the episodes come with a warning at the top.

Recommended Episodes: “A Friend in The Forest,” “Smells Like Teen Spirits,” “Tales from the Smokehouse,” “The Thin Place” and “Creepy Crawl.”

Pro tip: If you are so inclined, you can skip the wait for weekly episodes and get the entire season by subscribing to Luminary, a podcast streaming service.

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