Daisy dukes, flip flops and white ribbed tanks – that’s all you need for this summer.

I kid, I kid. Our region seems to be just slightly behind the rest of the world when it comes to fashion trends, but I’m not too mad about that because it’s nice to see how the trends work out in other areas before trying them out personally. What I’m giving you is purely opinion, but, if I do say so myself, a really good one.

Tops: Screen print tees will always be acceptable. A few years ago if you didn’t wear your opinion on your sleeve (or chest) in the form of a screen printed T-shirt, you just weren’t cool. That’s died down a bit, I think, but I’m still a fan. Lookhuman.com is a pretty good source, but I’m betting you will find one you love at any store you step foot in or visit online. I’ve also seen lots of Mexican-art inspired embroidered tops. Cute and comfortable, these are a thumbs up. I personally am very much against wearing spaghetti strap tops with a swimsuit top or bra straps showing if you’re anywhere other than the beach or pool. It doesn’t matter what your body type, I promise this just isn’t appropriate.

Bottoms: I’m one of those who wears skinny jeans or skinny cropped jeans even when it’s 90 degrees outside, but it doesn’t look crazy if you’re wearing a summer top, too. White is my favorite (even if they get stained after breakfast and coffee … thanks, kids) but any color – denim, pink, yellow, green, etc., – works every time. For shorts, it’s nice to find a length that isn’t making you adjust every three steps (you know what I’m talking about), but too big, long or baggy never looks good. Hey guys, patterned shorts are awesome! Every time I see a guy (man, male, boy, whatever) wearing shorts with some kind of print, it makes me really happy. Extra points for florals.

Shoes: Unless you’ve been a Birkenstock person your entire life, you probably can’t authentically pull them off. It’ll probably just look like you’re trying too hard. I speak the truth; I’m sorry if it’s hard to read. What’s totally acceptable, though? Saltwater sandals are a classic. A friend got me a pair of these leather-and-wooden clog sandals with a chunky heel on them for my birthday, and I’m obsessed. I feel a little dressed up every time I wear them, even if I’m just wearing jeans and a tee. Win. For our male readers, it’s so much easier. Clean, canvas sneakers (Vans-style, very plain) or something like Topsiders are a good bet.

Accessories: Find three pair of really fun sunglasses, and you are golden. You don’t have to spend $50 on each pair. One of my favorites I got from a discount site (www.brickyardbuffalo.com) for $12, another I got from H&M for $8. Remember that time I told you that pineapple aioli would elevate your hot dog (if you missed the story, check it out at inland360.com)? Fun sunglasses are the pineapple aioli of your outfit.

Here’s something to always remember: if you feel good in something, whether it’s a bathing suit or everyday clothes, wear it. You don’t need the perfect body (what’s perfect, anyway?) to wear a bikini or a cute dress. You don’t need to be super tall to pull off a pair of shorts you’ve been eyeing. Summer seems to be the season you hear, “Ugh, I hate wearing a swimsuit,” every other day from someone. Every body is a swimsuit body, so rock it. Confidence looks great and is always in style.

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