Superhero family returns for more incredible storytelling

click to enlarge This image released by Disney Pixar shows a scene from "Incredibles 2." - DISNEY/PIXAR VIA AP
Disney/Pixar via AP
This image released by Disney Pixar shows a scene from "Incredibles 2."



Three out of Four

They’re back.

The long awaited sequel to “The Incredibles” provides ample amounts of action, but more importantly delivers on family themes and fun.

Taking place mere moments after “The Incredibles,” the Parr family finds themselves still in a world where superhero activity is illegal.

To change that, Helen (voiced by Helen Hunt), a.k.a. Elastigirl, gets a new job fighting crime in order to show the world that it needs superheroes.

That leaves Mr. Incredible, Robert (voiced by Craig T. Nelson) home with the kids, Violet (voiced by Sarah Vowell), Dash (voiced by Huck Milner) and baby Jack Jack (voiced by Eli Fucile). While Elastigirl fights a new super villain known as Screenslaver, Mr. Incredible tackles adolescents, math homework and a baby with incredible powers.

Although this a Pixar animated film, “Incredibles 2” does not skimp on action. There are fights, explosions and plenty of superpower uses for our heroes, all tied together in a tightly wound — if at times predictable — plot that holds audiences in their seats from beginning to end.

Although superhero films have become commonplace, “Incredibles 2” manages to set itself apart by maintaining the central core for its story. Superheroics aside, this a movie about family.

Helen wrestles with trying to do what’s best for her family, even if it means leaving them and breaking the law so her kids can have a better future. Robert struggles with keeping the home under control so Helen can work, but also misses his own superhero work.

However, the film doesn’t ignore the kids, so younger audience members will have someone to relate to, as well as the parents. Violet is a teenager and is dealing with normal teenage issues, in addition to superpowers. Dash is an energetic boy who wants to use his powers to fight crime, instead of doing his homework. The most fun and funny family member is its youngest: a baby with unlimited powers, but no control over them which causes havoc and panic for the whole family.

“Incredibles 2” doesn’t just stop at strong storytelling, the visuals of the film are also stunning. Because of advances in animation, the suits shine brighter, the action is more vivid and character’s faces are more expressive.

This is all topped with a spectacular score by Michael Giacchino, just like the first film. The jazzy music blasts out of the speakers to fit whatever mood — tense, happy, mysterious, sad — that the characters find themselves in.

Fans have been waiting 14 years this movie, and “Incredibles 2” proves it was worth the wait.

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