The four most popular YouTube videos about Idaho

People turn to YouTube to learn all kinds of things, from how to tile your bathroom to what happens when you sleep with cut-up onions in your socks.

Trusting YouTube as a source of reliable information is risky but what’s trending on YouTube says a lot about us. With that in mind we looked at what YouTube viewers could learn about Idaho by searching for the four most popular videos of all time (well, since YouTube launched 12 years ago) with the word “Idaho.” Here’s the top four.

No. 1 “Crazy Free Throw by Idaho State's Kamil Gawrzydek” Uploaded by: BigBlueChat Six years ago 9,974,895 views

Summary: A video recording of a TV broadcast of an Idaho State University basketball game. Kamil Gawrzydek shoots a free throw that bounces up off the rim and then lands on the rim and sits perfectly balanced for several seconds.

Crucial moments: Another player waves his hand seeming to stir enough air for the ball to fall through the basket. Cut to crazy fan in a Superman suit.

Comment by Elu g: “Unbelievaball”

No. 2 “What happens in Idaho if you don’t consent to a search of your vehicle…”

Uploaded by: MiilleVSWorld Four years ago 5,838,606 views

Summary: After being pulled over on an Idaho interstate and refusing a search of his vehicle, a man uses his phone to video police using a drug dog to sniff the outside of his vehicle while asking questions about his legal rights.

Crucial moments: After walking the dog around the car multiple times police determine there are no drugs, bombs or other issues. They question the man about why the vehicle is not registered in his name and then let him go.

Comment by Flimbo Nimbo: “They should have written this dick a ticket for his registration.”

No. 3 “B-52’s Private Idaho” Uploaded by: Ken Anderson 10 years ago 4,369,871 views

Summary: A grainy 1980s video recording of the band the B52’s performing its song “My Own Private Idaho,” which blends references to Idaho with references to a “Twilight Zone” episode.

Crucial moments: 3 minutes and 20 seconds of the band’s quirky, high-energy vibe.

Comment by Shock The Boring: “The coolest white people since the abolitionist. LOL”

No. 4 “Real pterosaur spotted over Idaho, USA?” Uploaded by: Rumble Viral One year ago 2,160,345 views

Summary: Amateur video supposedly showing a pterosaur flying over Boise.

Crucial moments: Supposed pterosaur does a weird half-flip and then disappears behind trees.

Comment by Srib: “Somewhere, just somewhere out there. There is a fool who believes this is real.”

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