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By Kaylee Brewster

Netflix’s “The Good Cop” doesn’t offer anything new plot-wise to the police procedural, but its characters provide some new and funny twists.

T.J. Caruso (Josh Groban) is a straight-laced detective who always follows the rules. He doesn’t drink or swear, and he follows protocol to the letter.

His dad Tony (Tony Danza), on the other hand, is an ex-cop who did seven years in prison for crimes of corruption, among other things. Now that Tony is out, T.J.’s days are filled with trying to solve murders while keeping his dad out of trouble. He proves to be far more successful at crime solving.

It’s a classic murder-an-episode show, with a jazzy piano-and-drum-base score. There’s not much new in how the crimes get solved in the span of about 45 minutes, so if you’re looking for a gritty, captivating crime drama, this ain’t your show.

Ah, but if you want characters, “The Good Cop” can set you up.

Groban and Danza make the perfect father-son duo. They butt heads every episode, but at the end of the day, they’re family. Groban is the ideal choice for the tightly-wound, Boy Scout cop. His mannerisms show that, while he is a good cop, his people skills could use some work. Danza encapsulates Tony. He makes the viewer believe in the role, and even though he’s a cheat, liar and all-around scoundrel, you can’t help but love him as he tries to do good for his son.

The supporting cast also makes “The Good Cop” a delight to watch. Cora (Monica Barbaro), although a potential love interest for T.J., makes her own decisions and is a little more loose with the rules. Loomis (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) is a longtime detective who likes to take as many naps as he can and adheres to a strict policy of not chasing after suspects. Then there’s Ryan (Bill Kottkamp), the sometimes bumbling, but well-intentioned tech guy.

The characters and their interactions— especially T.J. and Tony — make the show worth watching, even if the crimes they solve are the same ol’ murder she wrote.

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