While there are hundreds of fictional TV shows about life in New York and Los Angeles, those of us in the so-called flyover states are terribly unrepresented.

“Idaho Boys” wants to become one of the first to focus on Idahoans and life in their state. Are there any others? Here’s a look at the major network TV shows, all short-lived, that used Idaho in some way.

“Wayward Pines” 2015-16 on Fox

In this mystery series produced by M. Night Shyamalan, a Secret Service agent (Matt Dillon) discovers strange happenings in a small Idaho town where there’s “one road in and no roads out.” “Stranger Things” creators Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer worked on the first season as co-executive producers.

What we learned about Idaho: Idaho is a creepy and strange place with its own version of “Twin Peaks.”


“The Grinder” 2015-16 on Fox

After his long-running TV show “The Grinder” ends, actor Dean Sanderson Jr. (Rob Lowe), returns to his hometown of Boise and decides to join his family’s law firm because he thinks playing a lawyer on TV qualifies him to practice law. This does not please his real-life lawyer brother Stewart (Fred Savage). The show was filmed in Los Angeles.

What we learned about Idaho: Idahoans have dysfunctional families too.


“Napoleon Dynamite” 2012 on Fox

Following the success of their 2004 film, the creators of “Napoleon Dynamite” made an animated series continuing the story of the 16-year-old Preston, Idaho, boy. It survived for six episodes.

What we learned about Idaho: Idaho is now famous for potatoes and an awkward Tater Tot lovin' teen.


“A Year at the Top” 1977 on CBS

Two Boise rock musicians relocate to Hollywood, where they discover their promoter is the son of the devil and they must sign away their souls for fame and fortune. One of the musicians was played by Paul Shaffer, later famous for being David Letterman’s band leader. The sitcom was cancelled after only five episodes.

What we learned about Idaho: It takes a pact with the devil to break Idahoans into Hollywood.


“The Manhunter” 1974-75 on CBS

WWI veteran Dave Barrett turns to bounty hunting to earn money for his parents as they struggle to survive the Depression on their Idaho farm. He travels the nation hunting criminals with an arsenal of weapons stashed in a secret panel in his car.

What we learned about Idaho: Idahoans love their guns.


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