Whether delivered by hand, text or carrier pigeon, here are some expressions of love that can’t get taken the wrong way.

for Inland 360

You bewitch me … but in a way that’s neither exploitative of nor culturally insensitive to Wiccans.

Roses are red, violets are blue … and speaking of flowers, don’t you love and respect Georgia O’Keeffe and other women artists, whose work is perennially underrepresented in major museums?

You are so beautiful … but I worry that telling you that is only going to make us both further internalize patriarchal standards of femininity, so I take it back.

With you, I just knew … that I would be willing to put my masculine desires aside and stay home with the children so you could focus on your career.

I believe in our love … and in the redistribution of unearned wealth that could lift the world out of crushing poverty.

You melt my heart … which is good for my personal growth, because I need to confront the toxic masculinity that has forced me to bottle up my emotions for most of my life.

Our love was meant to be … a partnership in which we both shoulder an equal share of the domestic and child-rearing responsibilities.

I will never let you go … unless dissolving our relationship would be the healthiest thing for our mutual emotional stability.

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