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Plugged In

By Kaylee Brewster

If you are missing the fast-paced, multi-layered wit of “30 Rock,” then I have “Great News” for you.

In this series, Katie (Briga Heelan) works as a segment producer for “The Breakdown” a TV news show. But her ideal work life is interrupted when her mom, Carol (Andrea Martin) is hired as the new intern.

Now she spends her time trying to impress her boss Greg (Adam Campbell), managing the egos of her anchors, Portia (Nicole Richie) and Chuck (John Michael Higgins), and preventing her mom from meddling in her work and personal life.

The cast has a colorful list of characters that combine for some great comedic moments. There’s someone everyone can relate to, from the young millennial Katie to the older generation of Carol and Chuck. Some of the best moments come from conflicts between these characters, especially Katie and her mom. Carol struggles with her role as a mom and coworker, and not just with Katie but with everyone else at the office.

Most of what makes “Great News” entertaining are the jokes. There are jokes that are straight laugh-out-loud, there are some that are more subtle and some that might take a few extra seconds to get. They come at a mile a minute, and you could watch an episode several times before you caught all the comical references.

The characters and humor strongly reflect “30 Rock,” probably because Tina Fey co-executive produces the show with Robert Carlock who also produced “30 Rock.” This makes “Great News” a good comedic comfort when you want something new, but also familiar.

The bad news is that “Great News” was canceled by NBC. The good news is you can still enjoy it on Netflix.

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