If gift giving is on your mind, this week’s trivia challenge looks at some famous presents that wouldn’t fit under a tree or be good for the health of your wallet. It was compiled by Rachelle Marshall, who handles DVD and CD acquisitions at the Whitman County Library in Colfax. The Whitman County Library’s online trivia challenge takes place at 5:30 p.m. the third Thursday of each month on its Facebook page.

  1. In 1968, Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor a 33.19 carat diamond engagement ring now famously known as the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond. What was the diamond called before that? (Bonus question: What did Taylor buy after selling the diamond when they divorced?)

  2. On Dec. 22, 1874, General William Tecumseh Sherman sent a telegraph to President Lincoln to let him know he would be giving him this for Christmas.   

  3. In 1514, King Manuel of Portugal gave a gift to Pope Leo X who was so enamored with the surprise that he commissioned the artist Raphael to paint its portrait. What was it? 

  4. A two-lane bowling alley was installed in the White House in 1947 as a birthday gift for this President.

  5. In one day, this crooner purchased 32 Cadillacs and gave them all away to friends and family.   



  1. The Krupp Diamond, after its original owner Vera Krupp. Taylor used a portion of the proceeds from the sale to build a hospital in Botswana, Africa.  

  2. The city of Savannah, Ga., along with 150 guns, ammunition and about 25,000 bales of cotton.  

  3. A white elephant.

  4. Harry S. Truman. It was paid for by donors from his home state of Missouri. 

  5. Elvis Presley.

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