Freshly darned socks and newly working home appliances weren’t the only thing to leave Moscow Public Library’s recent Repair Cafe. Catherine Praiswater, host of Your Positive Imprint podcast, took away content for two podcast episodes.

A resident of New Mexico, Praiswater was visiting family in Moscow when her mother noticed Inland 360’s Jan. 17 story about the Repair Cafe. The idea caught Praiswater’s interest as a potential subject for her podcast, which features stories about “people all over the world who are inspiring others with their positive actions.”

Praiswater interviewed Jackie Carter, the librarian who coordinated the event, who discussed the Repair Cafe movement, as well as other movements that seek to restore sustainability of goods through repair. Praiswater also interviewed individuals who attended the Repair Cafe.

“Jackie and those volunteers are inspiring others with their positive achievements,” Praiswater said in an email. “The service is wonderful, but the philosophies they are instilling and sharing is forever a positive imprint.”

Praiswater, who works part time in education, began her podcast in May 2018. People featured in her podcast include the first woman who completed the Iditarod, a man who works internationally to support food security in small farms and an individual who helped to design and build animal habitats at the Philadelphia Zoo.

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