You Were There: Lewiston-Clarkston Valley Cardboard Regatta

An old cardboard box never looked so good. Just add glue, paint and tape, plus a lot of time and work and you have a racing boat. At least for a few hilarious minutes. The second annual Lewiston-Clarkston Valley Cardboard Regatta took place June 29, 2014 at the Lewiston Orchards Pool where competitors took three sprints, up and back, with three boats in each heat. There was a large pirate ship and a lowly canoe, a skiff too small for two crewmen, and many more. Most survived the race only to be sunk by spectators at the end, spraying the boats and throwing buckets of water in them, a final competition of “the last man standing.” The beautiful and creative boats turned into soggy trash. Here's a few photos from the event. More can be found at Inland 360's Facebook page.

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